Water Skimmers

ETI provides systems to process and skim oil from high volume produced water streams. Treating elements include distribution-baffles, enhanced coalescing devices, degassing and settling time. ETI offers skimmers for a variety of applications for three-phase operation in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Reasons for Water Skimmers
Once the water cut of produced fluids exceeds 95%, the settling vessels are sometimes referred to as skimmers. The objective is to recover as much oil as is practical, often by using enhanced coalescing devices to optimize oil recovery. The skimmer is a modified version of the FWKO with an emphasis on oil recovery. A vertical water skimmer may be an atmospheric storage tank fitted with high efficiency baffling to ensure maximum vessel retention and minimum short circuiting, which optimizes oil recovery.

The Process
Gases, water, and oil can be processed through a skimmer to skim off the oil, clean up the water, and degas the fluids. After this stage of separation, the water is routed to final hydro-cyclones and/or flotation equipment, while the crude oil is delivered to heater treaters, slop oil treaters, or storage tanks for further processing. The gas is normally flared or vented. The purpose of the skimmer is to generate a clean water phase to as low an oil content as is possible. The design of skimmers is generally 50 microns oil-in-water with enhanced coalescing devices. The skimmer is often found downstream of treaters, FWKOs and flow splitters, and upstream of hydro-cyclones and flotation. The targeted oil-in-water quality is from 10-100 ppm. The vertical oil skimmer uses dissolved gas internals and baffling to optimize oil recovery. This style of skimmer is operated at atmospheric pressure.


Options and Features

  • Enhanced Coalescing Devices
  • Internal Coating
  • Alloy Materials
  • Piping to Skid Edge
  • Factory Insulation
  • Firetubes
  • Spillover Troughs
  • Vortex Tubes
  • Demisting Vane or Mesh Pad
  • Skid-Mounted Modules
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Heating Elements
  • Rotating Rakes