Mechanical Treaters

ETI provides systems to process and remove water from crude oil. Treating elements include heat, chemical, mixing, enhanced coalescing devices, and settling time. ETI offers several types of enhanced coalescing/gravity settling devices including structured packing, corrugated plates, mesh pads, perforated plates, and slotted/louvered baffles. Treaters are considered integrally heated vessels, configured either horizontally or vertically, with firetube heaters in the heating section and enhanced coalescing devices in the coalescing section.


120″ OD X 50′-0″ ASME Horizontal oil fired 12,000 BPD oil treater located in Suriname.


Reasons for Crude Oil Dehydration
Crude oils must be dehydrated for pipeline purposes to mitigate corrosion, shipping volume, pipeline/transportation requirements and resolution of emulsions. The enhanced coalescing devices accelerate the separation of water from the crude oil. Heat lowers the viscosity of the crude oil and provides turbulence and mixing of the chemical emulsion breakers to resolve dispersed water droplets in the crude. Depending upon the dehydration requirements, the treating temperature, number and type of coalescing packs are configured to optimize dehydration. The majority of  treaters are found in crude oil production.

The Process
The oil flows into a heated section where the oil is thoroughly degassed, and then flows horizontally and vertically through the enhanced coalescing devices. This causes water droplets to settle to the interface. Generally, the coalescing section is gas packed. Instruments and controls are configured to maintain the appropriate fluid levels. U-tube type firetubes supply internal heat via natural draft or forced draft burner systems. Each of these heating systems employ burner management and flame safety systems. Additional safety devices, compliant to API 14-C, are available for process alarms and shutdowns.  Multiple firetubes are used to achieve the targeted heat duty.


Options and Features

  • Inlet Degassing Shroud
  • Sand Washing/Jetting Systems
  • Interface Sludge Removal
  • Galvalum/Zinc Anodes
  • Demisting With Vane or Mesh Pads
  • Pressured Inlet Distributor
  • Spillover Baffles
  • Alloy Materials
  • HMI Control Options
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Corrosion Coupon Holders
  • Chemical Injection Quill Assembly
  • Electrostatic Grid Systems
  • Spillover Baffles
  • Sand Drain Systems
  • Interface Emulsion Pad Removal
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
  • Slop Oil Treating
  • Gravity Liquid Distributors
  • Internal Coating
  • Control Panels
  • Removable Firetubes
  • Skid-Mounted Modules
  • Sample Look-Boxes
  • Factory Insulation
  • Electronic Interface Controllers
  • Heat Retention Baffles