Water Bath Heaters

ETI designs and fabricates water bath heaters for the oil, gas, gas storage, gas transmission and utility industries.


Two ETI 3.5 MM BTU/HR Waterbath Heaters with Low NOx burners installed at an LNG facility in Mexico.


Reasons for Water Bath Heating
Water bath heaters operating at bath temperatures of 180°F to 190°F are used in the following applications:

  • High pressure gas and oil in oil or gas production
  • Produced gas in gathering lines to prevent stoppage due to hydrate formation
  • Fuel gas at city gate stations or take-off from the main transmission gas pipelines to prevent the cooling effect of expanding gases
  • High viscosity oils to reduce pumping pressures and to increase pipeline capacities
  • Superheat light hydrocarbon liquids (propane) for alternate or standby fuel
  • Light hydrocarbon liquids for stabilization or turbo-expansion
  • Fuel gas conditioning for turbine power generation, +50°F superheat

The Process
Water bath heaters consist of four basic elements: the heater shell, the firetube, the process coil, and the bath media. Heat is transferred from the firetube to the bath and from the bath to the process coil. The resulting process heating is indirect, safe and reliable.

Water bath heater properties:

  • Uniform heating from the bath media and extended process coil life
  • Removable firetube and process coil
  • Convective heat transfer
  • Glycol and water mixture: ethylene or propylene glycol at various compositions
  • Pre-set bath temperature
  • Combustible process streams are completely isolated from the flame source
  • Long firetube life
  • Non-ASME Code Vessel which operates at atmospheric pressure
  • Heater size is normally dictated by the amount of process coil surface area or firetube size
  • Heat duties ranging from 50 M Btu/hr to 25 MM Btu/hr



  • Natural Draft/Forced Draft Burners
  • Bath or Process Temperature Control
  • Pneumatic or Electronic Burner Management
  • Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil Burners
  • High Efficiency Firetube Designs
  • Low Noise Burners/Sound Enclosures
  • Skid-Mounted Modules
  • Thermal Expansion Tanks
  • Clean Burning Technology – Low NOx and Low CO Burners