Salt Bath Heaters

As an alternative to hot oil medium heaters, ETI provides high-temperature heating systems for regeneration gas systems requiring gas heated to 450° to 700°F. The heat medium is NOT table salt but a eutectic mixture of Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, and Sodium Nitrate having a melting point of 288°F. The molten salt provides indirect heat to a gas stream to regenerate Molesieve or Silica gel adsorbents (dry bed adsorbents).


Salt Bath Heater operation with 600°F bath of molten salt. Process outlet tempeature is at 550°F.


Reasons for Salt Bath Heaters
Most solid-bed dehydration systems require high-temperature regeneration. The most common indirect heating system employees a molten eutectic salt mixture and is referred to as “Salt Bath Heater.” It utilizes conventional “U”-Tube firetubes to keep the salt molten. It is a convenient way to heat the regeneration gas stream indirectly.

The Process
HiTec salt is a mixture of 53% KNO2, 40% NaNO2, and 7% NaNO3. Its melting point is 288°F. It has a high heat transfer coefficient, is thermally stable, and is of relatively low cost. At temperatures from 650°F to >800°F, HiTec salt slowly decomposes to N2, NaNO3, and Na2O (NaOH). The recommended operating temperature of the salt bath is less than 650°F.  Regen gas enters the salt bath heater through a tube bundle, rated for the operating temperature and pressure. The regen gas is heated to 500°-550°F and flows to the desiccant towers to regenerate the adsorbent media.

Options and Features

  • Factory Piped and Assembled
  • Skid Mounted
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Electric Heating Elements