Short-Cycle Desiccant Dehydration

The unit shown was designed for a specific customer requirement to both remove water and reduce the hydrocarbon dew point of the natural gas during the initial withdrawal cycles of a recently completed natural storage facility. The facility utilized a depleted natural gas reservoir for use as a natural gas storage hub facility.



ETI designed and provided a four-tower solid desiccant dryer that could both remove water and also C5+ hydrocarbons when directed in a short-cycle mode of operation. Internal insulation of the adsorbers along with an increased regeneration rate allows the unit to remove hydrocarbons which would otherwise condense and cause problems in the sales pipeline.

Shown in the foreground is ETI’s HTE gas fired heater which heats the gas in a convective heating environment. The complete unit is controlled through each cycle of operation via a PLC controlled skid mounted panel and the switching valve skid is completed assembled and tested prior to field installation.