NGL Oxygenate and Water Removal

The equipment shown here was provided to remove water and oxygenates from a stream of NGL and associated condensate prior to introduction into a liquid products pipeline. The process consists of a product particulate filter, product coalescer, twin adsorption towers, cross exchanger, regeneration exchanger, regeneration compressor, product after filter and air cooler. A thermal fluid system with pumps, expansion tank and bypass valves and piping was provided as a heat source for regeneration. Regeneration of the bed required draining and filling so that natural gas could be utilized to strip the adsorbate from each spent bed. This natural gas was then dried in a dedicated glycol unit prior to sending the regeneration gas to sales.



ETI designed and fabricated this system utilizing a modular design whereby the majority of the equipment was mounted, assembled, piped and wired on individual skids with process and utility piping, conduit and tubing routed on overhead pipe racks. The individual skids were designed to be aligned such that interface piping bolted together with pull boxes to connect wiring components.